Mike’s Sportster


This 2000 Sportster was given to my friend Michael Manhardt by a friend of his a couple of years ago. Mike had a catastrophic logging accident in September 2018, leaving him as a quadriplegic. While helping with cleaning up his garage I decided that I should build up the sportster and have it sold off to raise funds to hep with his recovery (now in the 6 figure range). Although Mike has health insurance there are lots of things that fall outside of coverage, like wheelchairs and accessible vehicles etc. let alone the expense of not being able to work whilst recovering. Biltwell Inc. generously donated some parts, I donated 100% of my labor on the build and Western Cider of Missoula has opened it’s doors for the raffle to take place. We are hoping to raise between $12,500 and $15,000 (on top of the cost of the paint job and wholesale cost of parts) which goes directly to Mike through the sale of the bike.

Work done includes a fresh top-end engine rebuild with Wiseco pistons, a valve job, fresh paint on the tins, re-wire, fresh rubber, and a host of new parts including Biltwell Inc. seat, throttle, grips, bars and taillight..

PC: Athena Photography, Missoula Montana